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grid960 – a grid overlay bookmarklet for 960.gs

This bookmarklet has now been updated to support 24 columns
Please also see grid960 bookmarklet – now with 24 columns/

A couple of days ago I released a jQuery plugin that provides a grid overlay when working with the 960.gs css grid framework. The plugin seems to have been quite popular, and as a result I now have a host of new Twitter followers – Hello to everyone in Romania!

I’m glad that others have found the plugin useful. A couple of people have suggested I release the overlay as a bookmarklet, so I spent yesterday learning how to develop one. So here it is: grid960 – a grid overlay bookmarklet for 960.gs


To install the bookmarklet simply drag the link below to your bookmarks toolbar. In Internet Explorer, right click, select ‘Add to favourites’ and then select ‘Links’.


You can test it on this page.

The bookmarklet works slightly differently to the original jQuery plugin. Firstly, if jQuery is not installed, it will inject it for you. If jQuery is already installed it will use this library – it will dynamically upgrade the library if it is not the latest vesion (1.3.2).

Secondly, the bookmarklet provides a small configuration menu on the page. When the bookmarklet loads, it will defaults to the 12 column grid. Through the menu, you can switch to a 16 column grid, and also alter the opacity of the gridlines.

The bookmarklet does not work in IE6 (yeah, whatever).

Any problems or suggestions, let me know.